torsdag 29. oktober 2009

Bungee system, better than a drop in?

We are still schoolkids.
In Norway, the age limit for a drivers license is 18, and we are all minors except one member.

Needless to say, hitting urbans is difficult for us. We must rely on our parents to drive drop-in ramps and other heavy equipment around the capital, or do it ghetto style, by taking the whole thing by public transportation.

But yesterday, I came across something that will make it a LOT easier for us (at least when we don´t have to bring a generator): Bungee systems.
They are simply huge and powerfull bungees with handlebars on, that when stretched, can provide you with up to 50km/h (or 30mph) of speed.
I placed an order immediately with express air mail shipping.
Hopefully it´ll work, and we won´t have to worry about drop-in ramps ever again.

mandag 26. oktober 2009

Urban setup ready to go!

Just checked out my dad´s huge amount of random stuff lying around, and was able to pull together a lightrigg of in all 5500 watt, witch is just INSANE. Thats what PBP and such would use. I´ll soon be purchasing a generator as well, and a drop in or something for speed.

And the best part is?
All the money came from the Norwegian State, through FriFond, the Norwegian Governments fund for culture projects by youth.

WEEKEND WARRIORS - The making of a no budget skimovie

Here are some futher details about our videoblog project this season, witch will cover the making of our upcoming free movie "Been There. Done That."

Well, not really details. Just a name. And a logo.
Guess you´ll have to waight another two weeks, because then we´re going to Kvitfjell for the first shoot of the seasons, witch also happens to be our first shoot set up only for us!


lørdag 24. oktober 2009


I´m looking out the window, and it´s SNOWING! In OSLO, in OCTOBER. STOOKED.

On to sadder news, Little Red aka Felix Usterud is in the hospital for some reason.
Will report back when I find out why!

fredag 23. oktober 2009

New wide angle lense!

A brand new wide angle lens dropped down into my mailbox today! A 72mm Opteka Titanium Series 0.43x Semi Fishey. Needless to say, I´m pretty stoked!
It only costed a little moore than 200 bucks, and for a 72mm lens, that is reeeal cheap. But it works fine, allthough it really sucks in low light. No worries though, wont be using it for that anyways!

Stay classy!

tirsdag 20. oktober 2009

Doublecork mania in Saas Fee

Felix Usterud and Mikkel Jøraandstad has just returned home after a trip to Saas Fee with the Norwegian top athlete school. There they both put down each there double cork 10, Felix for the first time since early last season, and Mikkel, for the first time ever.
Needless to say, they were both incredibly stoked, and it´s looking good for their parts in our upcoming movie "Been There. Done That."

Video update soon!

lørdag 17. oktober 2009

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mandag 12. oktober 2009

Back at it agian

First post of the season!

I wasn´t really planning on making an edit from Juvass, because I wasn´t completly happy with my own efforts behind the camera. But when a friend sendt me this awsome mashup, I just had to make something.

Check it and rate here: