mandag 30. november 2009

Geilo Trip!

Just got home from school, about time to update you all on our latest adventures!

Friday afternoon we left for Geilo, because Geilo Freestyle Club was hosting a season Kick Off weekend. Heming Adrenalin was arranging a trip as usual, so everything was taken care of! Pretty sweet.

Personally I got a ride with Rolf Bjørum (widely known as TD in the Norwegian Ski Association) together with Edvard Dalsegg, Tobias Bang and Mathias Sjolivangen, and we held max speed all the way up.

When we got up there we went straight to a meeting about judging, so that everyone could know what criteria they will be judged on the upcoming season. On the meeting there was also some talk about FIS, who will be laying down a set of rules for slopestyle and big air very soon, as it is to become a "real" sport. Personally I think we should totally ignore this. What has FIS ever done for us?

Saturday we SLAYED (not) the AWSOME (kinda) park they had and all the HUGE (not) features in it, and got tons of EPIC (not) shots from that in the BEAUTIFUL light (not). More on this later. Luckily I had brought the bungee and a bunch of shoplights, so we were able to get at least two or three legit shots that afternoon, on two different bomb drops. Sol, the man, got it done.

Then there was time for a "taco-dinner-get-together" with all the attending. Fun times, except it costed 195KR and didn´t really taste good. After having eaten as much as possible (if I'm paying, I'm gonna fucking get something for it), there was time for another meeting. This time it was about a series of contests here in Norway that will work as qualifications for the Norwegian Championship, the "Norwegian Open".
In my opinion, 10 open comps from January - March, not including the Championship, plus the commercial ones is putting a way to competitive focus on our sport, which in my opinion isn´t really a sport, but a passion, a hobby. It´s also disturbing for our project. If the guys want to get both filming and competitions done, it´s starting to look like there´s gonna be traveling every weekend.
I do not like this new trend we are seeing, but hopefully, it´s gonna create more money and better parks. At least then something positive will have come out of it.

Sunday we decided to ditch the crappy park and it´s grim shade, and get something done with the lil powder we had! Got some shots on an awesome stonejib thingy, and lots of bæææckflips. I also went up on the mountain to get some nature shots. Worked out well, and all in all, not such a result less weekend!

torsdag 19. november 2009

Weekend Warriors - Ep. 1 - Kvitfjell

Weekend Warriors - Ep. 1 - Kvitfjell from Anders Stai Fougner on Vimeo.

Here it is, the first episode of Weekend Warriors, covering our trip to Kvitfjell recently. I completely understand and agree with the criticism from some about it beeing a bit boring, but the intention with this series is not in any way to replace last years Webisodes, but to try to give you updates in a more entertaining way than just blogposts.

So, sadly, there will not be much skiing, but next time, there will be more behind the scenes footage and less interviews.

And of course, don´t forget the movie dropping late September '10, with all the best shots for your viewing pleasure, completly FREE for online streaming and HD downloading.

tirsdag 10. november 2009

Kvitfjell shoot!

There´s gonna be a "Weekend Warriors" episode on this shoot later, but thought I´d do a little update anyhow.

So, last weekend we were up at Kvitfjell doing the first shoot for our new free movie "Been There. Done That." dropping this fall. Here´s how it went down:

Friday: Having taken a day off from school, I arrived at Kvitfjell pretty early, after having somehow managed to bring camera with gear and tripod, three shoplights, lots of extension cords, a dolly, clothes, boots and skis with me by tube and train. There I met up with Eskild, my contact at Kvitfjell (thanks a lot!), and he introduced me for Niklas, member of the ski patrole up there. Together we found some more shoplights and extension cords, checked out the slope and scoped out some urban possibilities. After that it was straight to work. I built a bomb drop and a tricky hand rail where you somehow had to switch up past a sign to make it to the end, and then it was time for setting up some rails with a snowcat. Luckily, at that time, the first riders showed up, and we put up a down rail and a box in their little pre-season rail/jump line. After that was done, the clock had reached 10, and suddenly everyone had arrived, just in time to not do any work. Suspicious.
We gave the tricky urban a shot, but although Fritzl (Fridtjof Fredricsson) got passed the sign with a beautiful little switchup, nobody was able to get it all the way. At 00:30 we gave up, and it was time for the 1 hour walk back to PMs cabin. With all the gear. Good times had. By all.

: Being just a liiiitle bit tired from our little late night stroll, we weren´t up super early this day. But at around 11AM, we were ready for the second feature of the trip: a bomb drop that we actually hit last year, but this year we were aiming bigger. Sadly, this feature didn´t work out either, all though Magnus Solheim might have gotten a shot of a 180. Might. After that, we decided to go slay this wooden downrail that we were pretty certain would work out, and it did, to some degree. Fritzl, beeing the PRO he is, got to shots, a switchup and a 270 out, and things were looking brighter. After lunch we hit the park for the first time, and was able to get a few shots on the down rail. After all this we were all stoked for some serious chillin, so we did just that, waiting for the night to fall. Soon everything laid dark, and we revisited our little handrail. After Mikkel Jøraandstad almost broke his neck falling into the death gap/mini river at the bottom of the landing, we decided filling it was a good idea, and people started throwing down. Things were going swimmingly, until the rail started getting back at us. The thing was completely torn up, and rider after rider caught an edge, ending in Paal Satvedt saddly breaking his collarbone. Send some vibes his direction for a quick recovery!

Sunday: The last day, turned out to be the best day! We spent the whole day shooting a roof jib, and a lot of different and technical stuff was thrown by everyone. Happily we could wrap it all up and return home to Oslo for another week of school with some good shots in the bag.

onsdag 4. november 2009

Steady cam just finished

Here it is, a genius little construction of mine. Or not.
Thank you YouTube! <3

Anyyyhow, this is how it works:
1. Mount the camera on top.
2. Film some sick shit and get clean follow shots with no shaking.
3. Edit that shit yo.

(Wanna know how to make one, and what it does? Google = Your M8)

tirsdag 3. november 2009



Isn´t he cute?

torsdag 29. oktober 2009

Bungee system, better than a drop in?

We are still schoolkids.
In Norway, the age limit for a drivers license is 18, and we are all minors except one member.

Needless to say, hitting urbans is difficult for us. We must rely on our parents to drive drop-in ramps and other heavy equipment around the capital, or do it ghetto style, by taking the whole thing by public transportation.

But yesterday, I came across something that will make it a LOT easier for us (at least when we don´t have to bring a generator): Bungee systems.
They are simply huge and powerfull bungees with handlebars on, that when stretched, can provide you with up to 50km/h (or 30mph) of speed.
I placed an order immediately with express air mail shipping.
Hopefully it´ll work, and we won´t have to worry about drop-in ramps ever again.

mandag 26. oktober 2009

Urban setup ready to go!

Just checked out my dad´s huge amount of random stuff lying around, and was able to pull together a lightrigg of in all 5500 watt, witch is just INSANE. Thats what PBP and such would use. I´ll soon be purchasing a generator as well, and a drop in or something for speed.

And the best part is?
All the money came from the Norwegian State, through FriFond, the Norwegian Governments fund for culture projects by youth.

WEEKEND WARRIORS - The making of a no budget skimovie

Here are some futher details about our videoblog project this season, witch will cover the making of our upcoming free movie "Been There. Done That."

Well, not really details. Just a name. And a logo.
Guess you´ll have to waight another two weeks, because then we´re going to Kvitfjell for the first shoot of the seasons, witch also happens to be our first shoot set up only for us!


lørdag 24. oktober 2009


I´m looking out the window, and it´s SNOWING! In OSLO, in OCTOBER. STOOKED.

On to sadder news, Little Red aka Felix Usterud is in the hospital for some reason.
Will report back when I find out why!

fredag 23. oktober 2009

New wide angle lense!

A brand new wide angle lens dropped down into my mailbox today! A 72mm Opteka Titanium Series 0.43x Semi Fishey. Needless to say, I´m pretty stoked!
It only costed a little moore than 200 bucks, and for a 72mm lens, that is reeeal cheap. But it works fine, allthough it really sucks in low light. No worries though, wont be using it for that anyways!

Stay classy!

tirsdag 20. oktober 2009

Doublecork mania in Saas Fee

Felix Usterud and Mikkel Jøraandstad has just returned home after a trip to Saas Fee with the Norwegian top athlete school. There they both put down each there double cork 10, Felix for the first time since early last season, and Mikkel, for the first time ever.
Needless to say, they were both incredibly stoked, and it´s looking good for their parts in our upcoming movie "Been There. Done That."

Video update soon!

lørdag 17. oktober 2009

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mandag 12. oktober 2009

Back at it agian

First post of the season!

I wasn´t really planning on making an edit from Juvass, because I wasn´t completly happy with my own efforts behind the camera. But when a friend sendt me this awsome mashup, I just had to make something.

Check it and rate here:

torsdag 16. april 2009

Session 2953

We're right now leaving for Session 2953 at Beitostølen..
From the pictures at their website, it look like it's gonna be ooff thee hooook:


onsdag 25. mars 2009

The February Webisode

Here it is! Finally!

Please help out by rating!


We've just returned home from Megapark in Oppdal, we're we spent three days shooting for the March webisode. We had two days with pretty shitty weather, but saturday was perfect.
This will probably be the last thing we'll shoot for the Marc webisode, because I'm leaving on saturday to go to the US for easter holidays. So after this week, you'll have to wait two weeks for any new updates...

fredag 6. mars 2009

Norefjell trip = Epic!

Sick jump: Check.
Stoked riders: Check.
People throwing down and learning a bunch of new stuff: Check.

I say no more.

torsdag 26. februar 2009

Trip to Norefjell with Heming Adrenalin coming up!

This weekend we're going to Norefjell again, this time with Heming Adrenalin...
Norefjell hooked us up, and we're going to be modiefing the park a bit, building the jumps bigger and making some new rail settups etc.
Gonna be sweeet!

tirsdag 24. februar 2009

New webiosde coming in not so long!

We're done shooting for the February webisode, wich means it will be dropping relativly soon.


We've just had a week of winter holiday, but that doesn't mean we've been sitting on our asses.
First we went to Hemsedal for a Big Air Comp, and then me, Per, Mikkel and Felix slayed up Norefjell, wich included a nice BC kicker session. Then, last saturday, we went back home to Varingskollen, for the norwegian Jibacademy final. Two Dedicated riders reached came in top 8, but unfortunatly no one qualified for either the european or the international final...

Urban BC Kicker!

We live in the capital, and there's not many spots to build bc kickers..
So we take what we can find!

lørdag 7. februar 2009


Not completly satisfied with this one, we'll return stronger next month!

fredag 6. februar 2009


It's been snowing alot these past days, so on sunday, we're going to hit something as unusual as a urban bc kicker!

January Webisode coming soon!

Just wanted to let you know that our new webisode is dropping pretty goddamn soon!
Also, the rail I posted a picture of, it was so sick!
Untill we got thrown out by some crazy woman...
Stupid bitch...


To see how much everybody has improved just since the season started, is amazing!
We now have 3 people throwing sw 10, and all the guys are killing it!

lørdag 24. januar 2009

Tomorrows project


Urban rail mission using public transportation!

Although none of us has a car, we still have to get some rails done!
So what do we do?
Use public transportation!
We hit 3 different rails today, only using public transportation!
We went by undeground to the first one (pretty hillarious with a dolly, video equipment and all our skigear!), a lip c rail wich worked out awsome! Then we took the underground one stop futher and hit half of a really long down rail wich wasn't that cool, so we ditched it after a few tries. Then we walked more than 1km (3000 feet, still with all our gear) to a mellow, terrain-park like, down rail, wich would have been sweet aswell! But then, of course, we got thrown out by some pretty angry old man..
Gonna be hittin a 4 kink, über skecthy rail tomorrow, it will probably be pretty intresting!

fredag 23. januar 2009


When there's snow, you've got to take good use of it!
So we did some urbans yesterday, thursday 22.
With us we had a guy called Karl Martin Forbord, check out the pictures on our facebook group:

søndag 18. januar 2009


Right now it's DUMPING outside!
It sorta ruined any chance of getting a lot of good shots with our new dolly this weekend, but hopefully, with this snow, we'll have lot's of oppurtunities next weekend!

onsdag 14. januar 2009


Edit from the Sprite Zero Comp

The edit from the comp you can read about in our second blogpost in the history, is now online!
Check it out:

Injuries Update

Thought I'd just give you a little update on the injury situation on our team.
Right now Nicholas Sullivan is out with jumpers knee, and probably won't get to ski anything before easter...
Eskild Rødsten (The Doubleflip Man) and Henrik Kjølmoen have both been injured for quite a while, but both of them are to be skiing again soon!

mandag 12. januar 2009

You can't stomp everything

Allthough it may not seem so in our webisodes, things often fail.
Just take a look at this:

søndag 11. januar 2009

New webisode and a little Tryvann update

As you all hopefully know, we've released our new webisode!
Check it out and rate if you like it!

We also cruised a little in Tryvann today, but the weather was terrible..
Not really getting as many shots as I would like to this month!
But on the bright side, the park was really good, and hopefully the weather will be with us next weekend, because then we're going to do some filming there and the big jump is gonna be open!

lørdag 10. januar 2009

Sprite Zero Open Big Air

Soo, today we spent 8 hours in a bus, so that we could go to Sprite Zero Open Big Air and back in one day...
Was it worth it?
When we arrived, it tourned out that there wouldn't be a one and a half hour jam for practice and qualifications like we were promised, but just a really short practice and then two final runs where the best one would count. So everybody was a bit stressed out, and someone didn't even get to hit the jump once before the contest. But still, people trew down, and in the end, our good friend, Jens Gunhildrud, took the victory, and won a new phone and a snowboard (wtf???). He was super stoked, since it was his first contest win ever!

After the contest we cruised the park, but there wasn't really any good light, or enough speed to hit the biggest jump safely, so not sure what I will be doing with that footage. Maybe a blog edit?
But at least there will be a mini-edit from the comp releasing shortly.

In the end it tourned out to be a good day, with some fun shredding and eight hours in a very hot bus, wich was actually pretty entetaining!
Maybe not so strange when your traveling with 15 hillarious idiots!

torsdag 8. januar 2009

We've got a blog now! Like everybody else...

So, we've just released our new blog, following everybody else I guess...
Here we'll not only keep you updated on what we're doing, we'll maybe even upload a little videoclip or a an edit with shots that aren't good enough for the webisodes, like night time shredding for example. 
This will be updated quite a bit, so stay tuned!