mandag 30. november 2009

Geilo Trip!

Just got home from school, about time to update you all on our latest adventures!

Friday afternoon we left for Geilo, because Geilo Freestyle Club was hosting a season Kick Off weekend. Heming Adrenalin was arranging a trip as usual, so everything was taken care of! Pretty sweet.

Personally I got a ride with Rolf Bjørum (widely known as TD in the Norwegian Ski Association) together with Edvard Dalsegg, Tobias Bang and Mathias Sjolivangen, and we held max speed all the way up.

When we got up there we went straight to a meeting about judging, so that everyone could know what criteria they will be judged on the upcoming season. On the meeting there was also some talk about FIS, who will be laying down a set of rules for slopestyle and big air very soon, as it is to become a "real" sport. Personally I think we should totally ignore this. What has FIS ever done for us?

Saturday we SLAYED (not) the AWSOME (kinda) park they had and all the HUGE (not) features in it, and got tons of EPIC (not) shots from that in the BEAUTIFUL light (not). More on this later. Luckily I had brought the bungee and a bunch of shoplights, so we were able to get at least two or three legit shots that afternoon, on two different bomb drops. Sol, the man, got it done.

Then there was time for a "taco-dinner-get-together" with all the attending. Fun times, except it costed 195KR and didn´t really taste good. After having eaten as much as possible (if I'm paying, I'm gonna fucking get something for it), there was time for another meeting. This time it was about a series of contests here in Norway that will work as qualifications for the Norwegian Championship, the "Norwegian Open".
In my opinion, 10 open comps from January - March, not including the Championship, plus the commercial ones is putting a way to competitive focus on our sport, which in my opinion isn´t really a sport, but a passion, a hobby. It´s also disturbing for our project. If the guys want to get both filming and competitions done, it´s starting to look like there´s gonna be traveling every weekend.
I do not like this new trend we are seeing, but hopefully, it´s gonna create more money and better parks. At least then something positive will have come out of it.

Sunday we decided to ditch the crappy park and it´s grim shade, and get something done with the lil powder we had! Got some shots on an awesome stonejib thingy, and lots of bæææckflips. I also went up on the mountain to get some nature shots. Worked out well, and all in all, not such a result less weekend!

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