torsdag 19. november 2009

Weekend Warriors - Ep. 1 - Kvitfjell

Weekend Warriors - Ep. 1 - Kvitfjell from Anders Stai Fougner on Vimeo.

Here it is, the first episode of Weekend Warriors, covering our trip to Kvitfjell recently. I completely understand and agree with the criticism from some about it beeing a bit boring, but the intention with this series is not in any way to replace last years Webisodes, but to try to give you updates in a more entertaining way than just blogposts.

So, sadly, there will not be much skiing, but next time, there will be more behind the scenes footage and less interviews.

And of course, don´t forget the movie dropping late September '10, with all the best shots for your viewing pleasure, completly FREE for online streaming and HD downloading.

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