tirsdag 10. november 2009

Kvitfjell shoot!

There´s gonna be a "Weekend Warriors" episode on this shoot later, but thought I´d do a little update anyhow.

So, last weekend we were up at Kvitfjell doing the first shoot for our new free movie "Been There. Done That." dropping this fall. Here´s how it went down:

Friday: Having taken a day off from school, I arrived at Kvitfjell pretty early, after having somehow managed to bring camera with gear and tripod, three shoplights, lots of extension cords, a dolly, clothes, boots and skis with me by tube and train. There I met up with Eskild, my contact at Kvitfjell (thanks a lot!), and he introduced me for Niklas, member of the ski patrole up there. Together we found some more shoplights and extension cords, checked out the slope and scoped out some urban possibilities. After that it was straight to work. I built a bomb drop and a tricky hand rail where you somehow had to switch up past a sign to make it to the end, and then it was time for setting up some rails with a snowcat. Luckily, at that time, the first riders showed up, and we put up a down rail and a box in their little pre-season rail/jump line. After that was done, the clock had reached 10, and suddenly everyone had arrived, just in time to not do any work. Suspicious.
We gave the tricky urban a shot, but although Fritzl (Fridtjof Fredricsson) got passed the sign with a beautiful little switchup, nobody was able to get it all the way. At 00:30 we gave up, and it was time for the 1 hour walk back to PMs cabin. With all the gear. Good times had. By all.

: Being just a liiiitle bit tired from our little late night stroll, we weren´t up super early this day. But at around 11AM, we were ready for the second feature of the trip: a bomb drop that we actually hit last year, but this year we were aiming bigger. Sadly, this feature didn´t work out either, all though Magnus Solheim might have gotten a shot of a 180. Might. After that, we decided to go slay this wooden downrail that we were pretty certain would work out, and it did, to some degree. Fritzl, beeing the PRO he is, got to shots, a switchup and a 270 out, and things were looking brighter. After lunch we hit the park for the first time, and was able to get a few shots on the down rail. After all this we were all stoked for some serious chillin, so we did just that, waiting for the night to fall. Soon everything laid dark, and we revisited our little handrail. After Mikkel Jøraandstad almost broke his neck falling into the death gap/mini river at the bottom of the landing, we decided filling it was a good idea, and people started throwing down. Things were going swimmingly, until the rail started getting back at us. The thing was completely torn up, and rider after rider caught an edge, ending in Paal Satvedt saddly breaking his collarbone. Send some vibes his direction for a quick recovery!

Sunday: The last day, turned out to be the best day! We spent the whole day shooting a roof jib, and a lot of different and technical stuff was thrown by everyone. Happily we could wrap it all up and return home to Oslo for another week of school with some good shots in the bag.

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