lørdag 10. januar 2009

Sprite Zero Open Big Air

Soo, today we spent 8 hours in a bus, so that we could go to Sprite Zero Open Big Air and back in one day...
Was it worth it?
When we arrived, it tourned out that there wouldn't be a one and a half hour jam for practice and qualifications like we were promised, but just a really short practice and then two final runs where the best one would count. So everybody was a bit stressed out, and someone didn't even get to hit the jump once before the contest. But still, people trew down, and in the end, our good friend, Jens Gunhildrud, took the victory, and won a new phone and a snowboard (wtf???). He was super stoked, since it was his first contest win ever!

After the contest we cruised the park, but there wasn't really any good light, or enough speed to hit the biggest jump safely, so not sure what I will be doing with that footage. Maybe a blog edit?
But at least there will be a mini-edit from the comp releasing shortly.

In the end it tourned out to be a good day, with some fun shredding and eight hours in a very hot bus, wich was actually pretty entetaining!
Maybe not so strange when your traveling with 15 hillarious idiots!

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