lørdag 24. januar 2009

Urban rail mission using public transportation!

Although none of us has a car, we still have to get some rails done!
So what do we do?
Use public transportation!
We hit 3 different rails today, only using public transportation!
We went by undeground to the first one (pretty hillarious with a dolly, video equipment and all our skigear!), a lip c rail wich worked out awsome! Then we took the underground one stop futher and hit half of a really long down rail wich wasn't that cool, so we ditched it after a few tries. Then we walked more than 1km (3000 feet, still with all our gear) to a mellow, terrain-park like, down rail, wich would have been sweet aswell! But then, of course, we got thrown out by some pretty angry old man..
Gonna be hittin a 4 kink, über skecthy rail tomorrow, it will probably be pretty intresting!

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