torsdag 29. oktober 2009

Bungee system, better than a drop in?

We are still schoolkids.
In Norway, the age limit for a drivers license is 18, and we are all minors except one member.

Needless to say, hitting urbans is difficult for us. We must rely on our parents to drive drop-in ramps and other heavy equipment around the capital, or do it ghetto style, by taking the whole thing by public transportation.

But yesterday, I came across something that will make it a LOT easier for us (at least when we don´t have to bring a generator): Bungee systems.
They are simply huge and powerfull bungees with handlebars on, that when stretched, can provide you with up to 50km/h (or 30mph) of speed.
I placed an order immediately with express air mail shipping.
Hopefully it´ll work, and we won´t have to worry about drop-in ramps ever again.

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