mandag 15. februar 2010

Kvitfjell weekend 2.0

For the second time this year we visited Kvitfjell!

The crew consisted of Magnus Solheim, Lars Bjørum, Niklas Engebretsen, Mikkel Jøraandstad, Bjørnar Karmøy and myself (Anders, filmer).

This time we we were mainly focusing on their biggest jump, an 18m with a poppy kicker (photo below), and got some goodies there. We also shot a mellow, wooden down rail that some of you may remember from last years December Webisode on saturday afternoon. Things certainly have changed since then. Last year we barely got a 270 on, this time the boys we're throwing them on the second hit, and once they reached the bottom, they added a pretzel 2 off (at least Mikkel did this on his first successful try, pretty crazy). The filming has improved a lot as well. I rigged my portable jib and got some shots from above, pretty neat.

Sunday, after a long day of shooting, we took the last lift up at 4pm, and skied down to an abandoned camping wagon I had stumbled upon earlier the same day. We built a kicker as fast as possible, because the sun was setting fast, and barely made it on time to get some dooope handdrag shots.

Thanks to Studio H and Nicholas and family for hosting us, and Kvitfjell of course.

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