søndag 24. januar 2010

New weekend, new possibilities

This weekend has been a rail weekend.

Saturday was spent in Varingskollen, mainly hitting the huge flat down flat box they have there. Weather was crap, but since we used the jibcrane (version 2.0) for the first time this year, the shots might just be worth something.

Sunday was far more interesting. Niklas and the one and only Myself (Anders) showed up at the infamous "Steiner" 4 kink rail what we considered to be extremely early (0845), but turns out old people are early birds. Just as last year we got kicked out, this time after only one try.

We moved all our gear somewhat 100 meters west, to Hovseter, to return to a 8m long, very flat battleship with a slight C shape we hit earlier this year. We faced some difficulties back then (for example with the shortage of people to pull the bungee), and were ready for a new go with a bigger crew and better tricks. At this point Thomas Just, Lars Bjørum and Magnus Solheim had showed up. Things went down and we got some bangers, much thank to the awesome jib, which my dad rebuilt for me for my birthday. Thanks dad!

After plus/minus two hours of sessioning, Kristian Leraand showed up after I woke him up early and convinced him to do so.
Being a photographer he was not pleased with our choice of feature, he wanted to see something potentially bone breaking!

The guys were getting sick, tired, hungry, and a bit fed up, so after a much needed kebab break we moved literarily 10m to a rail to drop, with a lamp post with tapping potential at the end. From here I´ll let the pictures speak for them selfs, but I must add that Magnus Solheim got one of the most epic bails ever on film. Will post later!



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