tirsdag 19. januar 2010

The urban adventures continue!

Datarada, new update!

We´ve been going hard on the urban features this year, and just got two more under our belt!

Saturday mr. Magnus Solheim had a little privatesession with photographer Kristian Leraand (injured teamrider) and myself (Anders, Director/Fimer/Editor). The plan was to go to Hovseter and slay something with a natural inrun. Wich we of course didn't find. Luckily some snowboarders had been to Solheim & Leraands school (Persbråten) a few days earlier setting up some random picnic table kink-ish thingy. We decided it was our best shot at getting anything so we went to check it out. Switched things up a little, built a sketchy snowboard inrun, and voila. Setup. Got things done, had a fun little session, (might even have gotten a shot), went home. Good times.

Monday on the other hand was X-TREME.
After school at around 1730 a crew consisting of Leraand, Lars-Fredrik Nilssen (http://nilssenfoto.net) and Sol gathered at my house with the intention of first hitting a wallride, then getting picked up by Niklas and his infamous dad Knætt at 1830 to go to Bekkestua and hit a dub kink. We soon realized this was a stupid idea. No way we would have time to rig everything up and down. So we decided to instead pack all our lights and such and maybe just get some photos before departure. We tested the lightrig and found that two shoplights were dead for unknown reasons. Still, we gathered enough watts to get a session going. Then it was time to check the generator. 1/2 an hour of intense string-pulling later we still had no signs of life from it. My dad was certain there was something wrong with the ignition, but I suspected it was running low on fuel. Being a nice guy he (my dad) drove the generator plus crew to the nearest petrol station. There, luckily, we found that the shortage of gas was the only issue. Phew. We were ready to slay.

At 1840 Knætt, Niklas and his little sister who was going to a cross country race not far from Bekkestua showed up. Sol and I jumped in whilst Leraand and Larssa had to use public transportation. Halfway there, disaster strikes. On a speed bump, the front suspension brakes, and we are stranded only minutes (by car of course) from our destination. Luckily we pulled over into a bus stop, and a bus to Bekkestua was passing by in just two minutes. We rushed 85+ kilo of gear out of car and loaded it onto a bus thanks to a nice bus driver who didn´t mind that we blocked the entire entrance. After a couple of stops, we we´re finally there.

Got things set up and got the session going. Sol, Niklas and Felix Usterud (who lives not far from Bekkestua) we´re struggling a bit with the sketchy dub kink. Just nailing the thing to switch was hard enough, and then there was a 90% chance of crashing hard into the wall just 3-4m from the end of the rail. After an hour or so a random drug dealer showed up trying to sell us weed, but when we didn´t want any he decided to just hang out and shoot some photos to put on facebook instead.


At 2215, after a two hour session, everyone had nailed it clean and gotten both photos and video clips, Sol even a switch-up, so we packed up, got picked up, went home and slept well that night.


PS: Thanks to Stevje (Heming Adrenalin and national team coach) who showed up out of nowhere, saved the guys from smashing into the wall and went to McD´s for us to get some snacks!

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